Wilson’s Orchard Iowa City Engagement

September 29, 2023

Emilia + Jacob

Emi and Jacob met during their freshman year at the University of Iowa. They both lived on the same floor of the same residence hall. For the second half of their engagement session, we took a stroll right by that residence hall, and got photos with it. I LOVE a couple that’s sentimental like me!

Speaking of being sentimental, Emi’s engagement ring is an heirloom from Jacob’s Great Grandma. The sweetest! 🥹

“He gave the most beautiful speech, and asked me to marry him. It was one of the happiest days of my life!” – Emilia

The Proposal Story, told by Emilia

“We went on a road trip out West where we visited Denver, Zion National Park, Las Vegas, and San Francisco. Jacob had been carrying the ring in his pocket for three months because he wanted me to be on my toes about when he would do it.

One day when we were in San Francisco, Jacob wanted to get dressed up (my first hint! haha) and go to the Palace of the Fine Arts and then out to dinner. The whole cab ride, he didn’t say a word, and I thought he was either mad at me or going to propose.

When we got there, we walked around for a bit until we found a bench. We sat down and I asked him if he was alright, to which he responded, “You know, don’t you?” to which I said, “I do now!”

He then had us walk all the way around the lake because he had a specific spot he wanted to propose at. He gave the most beautiful speech and asked me to marry him, and it was one of the happiest days of my life!”

A Wilson’s Orchard + University of Iowa Engagement Session in Iowa City

summer sunflower field engagement at wilson's orchard in iowa city

3 words to describe Jacob, by Emilia | caring, goofy, smart (and handsome)

engagement photos wilson's orchard iowa city engagement session at wilson's orchard in iowa city

3 words to describe Emilia, by Jacob | kind, dependable, giving

I knew I wanted to spend forever with my love when…

Emilia: “The thought of losing him made my stomach churn and my eyes fill with tears!”

Jacob: “we moved in together in August of 2019”

engagement ring on an apple at wilson's orchard in iowa city sunflower field engagement photos, wilson's orchard iowa city engagement photos at wilson's orchard iowa city

What is something you both have in common?

Emilia: “We both are passionate about helping others and have gone into “helping professions” (Jacob – doctor, Emilia – Social Work)”

Jacob: “We both love music!”

wilson's orchard iowa city engagement session wilson's cidery iowa city engagement photos playful engagement session on the university of iowa campus

What is something totally different about the two of you?

Emilia: “I am very emotional and spontaneous, and Jacob is very logical and likes to have a plan.”

Jacob: “We approach problems differently.”

What is a fun fact/something people might not guess about your fiancé?

Emilia: “He loves the song Bitch by Meredith Brooks.”

👆This answer has me laughing! Also, I now have this song in my head. So if anyone hears me singing it at the wedding tomorrow, mind ya business! 😂

black and white engagement photos on the university of iowa campusTHAT’S IT! 👇 That’s the Stanley Residence Hall, where Emi & Jacob met. You can even see the 5th floor, where they both lived. My hearrttttt. 🥹 engagement photos, sunset walk on university of iowa campus

These two are the absolute sweetest! I can’t wait for their wedding on Saturday at The LeFevre Inn in Galena, IL!

If these photos resonated with you, & you’re getting married in Iowa, Illinois, or Wisconsin, click over to my contact form & drop me a line.

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