Downtown Cedar Falls Engagement by Catherine Furlin Photography

Downtown Cedar Falls Engagement Session

June 3, 2021

Melissa & Jordan both swiped right on Bumble in July of 2019. They both love beer, so they had their first date at two local breweries in Dubuque – 7Hills & Backpocket. Their date lasted 7 hours! So I think it’s safe to say that not only do they love beer, they also love each other’s company. At the end of the date, they shared their first kiss. Melissa hopped in her car and called her friend to announce, “I think I just met my husband!”

“It was an instant connection where we bonded over our love of beer, the office, good food, and traveling!” – Melissa

During a sunset boat ride on Lake Smith in Minnesota, Jordan sealed the deal. He got down on one knee and asked Melissa to spend forever with him. Their excitement was contagious, and even bystanders on the shore started to cheer.

Melissa + Jordan’s October engagement session in downtown Cedar Falls.

We knew this engagement session had to include 3 things: beer, their puppy, & lots of laughing. Check, check, and check. We had so much fun exploring downtown Cedar Falls & The Hart Reserve.

Keeping reading to hear more about their love story, including how Whitney Houston made Melissa sure that Jordan was the one. And you all better scroll to the end so you don’t miss out on their pup Charlotte’s cuteness. 🐶 a couple walking and snuggling in downtown cedar falls

3 words to describe Jordan, by Melissa | kind, humorous, my everything

couple cuddling in front of a mural during their downtown cedar falls engagement session

3 words to describe Melissa, by Jordan | incredible, energetic, hilarious

couple snuggling their dog during fall engagement session couple laughing together in front of a mural in downtown cedar falls a couple poses in downtown cedar falls during their engagement session

I knew I wanted to spend forever with my love when…

Melissa: “On our first date; I just knew instantly! Never believed in love at first sight but that is what it was with Jordan! I REALLY REALLY knew in October when we went to Jordan’s friend’s wedding; Jordan planned a perfect weekend away in Kansas City! At the wedding when he busted out his dance moves to Whitney Houston’s “I wanna dance with somebody” I knew I didn’t want to dance with anybody else!”

Jordan: “There were a lot of moments! In January we went to an overnight murder mystery party at the Blackhawk Hotel! we dressed up like the roaring 20’s, It was so fun and it was that weekend that I knew I wanted to do that forever!”

couple snuggling during their iowa engagement session couple walking and laughing in downtown cedar falls, an engagement ring couple leaning on a building in downtown cedar falls, close up of their shoes, what to wear for engagement photos

What is something you both have in common?

Melissa: “How much we love to laugh and how we are down for anything!”

Jordan: “A lot of things- it’s hard to pick just one. When we first started dating it was eerie, we are from different parts of Iowa but each of us went to colleges in each other’s hometowns. We both love adventures, spending time outside, and sleeping in.”

couple walking around downtown cedar falls during their engagement photos couple using christmas lights and a letterboard for their save the date engagement ring and a couple snuggling their dog on their lap

What is something that’s totally different about the two of you?

Melissa: “Our organization style- I am definitely a list maker and Jordan is an “it’s in my head” type of organizer. Jordan LOVES LOVES sports, specifically football. I just hope both teams have fun and I am there for the snacks.”

Jordan: “Also a lot of things- organizational skills; she balances out my chaotic ways of organizing.”

engaged couple sharing a beer together at the hartman reserve engaged couple cuddling together at the hartman reserve engagement ring in the fall leaves at the hartman reserve in cedar falls

What is a fun fact/something people might not guess about your fiancé?

Melissa: “He is an incredible singer (like super good)! And he had like some sick party tricks where he can play a little bit of the piano, guitar, and drums.”

Jordan: “She actually enjoys fishing, people are very shocked by this.”

engaged couple cheersing a beer at the hartman reserve in cedar falls couple dancing at the hartman reserve during their cedar falls engagement session a little dog looks at the camera during his mom & dad's engagement session

So obviously, these two are freaking adorable! I can’t wait for their wedding this Saturday at The Driftless in Dubuque, Iowa!

Jordan said it best, “I’m just excited to have Melissa as my wife & dance my face off!”

You all better believe if someone doesn’t request, “Dance with Somebody”, I will! 💃 🕺

Are you getting married in Iowa, Wisconsin, or Illinois? If you love laughing with your fiance & want the photos to prove it, click over to my contact form & drop me a line.

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