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June 26, 2018

Today we celebrate three years of marriage equality in this country. Three years ago today, the Supreme Court made history with its ruling to legalize same-sex marriage on a federal level.

I shot my first same-sex wedding in November of 2012. Nathan & Scott lived in California, but chose Iowa for their wedding. The midwest was a central location for their guests to travel to, but there was a much bigger reason for the Iowa wedding. The mess that was Proposition 8 meant that they could not legally marry in California. In fact, at this time in 2012, Iowa was one of only three states that recognized same-sex marriage.

iowa same-sex wedding photographer

I was pregnant with my son at this time, only about 10 weeks along. I remember sharing this with Nathan & Scott, in a kind of whisper. “Sooo… we really haven’t told people yet, but I’m pregnant!” They were so sweet and excited for me, they both gave me a big hug.

I vividly remember thinking that someday I was going to tell my baby that when I was pregnant with him, same-sex marriage was illegal in most states. I remember believing whole-heartedly, that when I told him this, it would feel shocking to him. The same way that I feel so shocked and saddened when I realize that my Dad was alive when segregation was in place in this country.

iowa same-sex wedding photographer

Proposition 8 was finally overturned on June 26, 2013; with the Supreme Court making its ruling on June 26, 2015.

Since 2012 I have had the honor of photographing more same-sex weddings, and I hope to photograph many more. **Hit me up, lovelies!**

I know that LGBTQ couples still face challenges in planning their weddings. Although I would like to say that this doesn’t happen here, I know better. I’ve witnessed vendors shying away from these weddings, and have received private messages disagreeing with my choice to be an ally to this community. I won’t waiver on this. These things only make me feel more fire within, to share how I feel.

iowa same-sex wedding photographer


Here’s the thing I want to make clear for all of you amazing LGBTQ couples out there. You have an ally in me, I would LOVE to meet you. I would love to tell your story because it is beautiful & it is unique. I also know that you’ve fought for it. So please know, I am a safe place for you to land. I have your backs 100%. Cheers to 3 years.

Resources/Inspiration to help plan your LGBTQ wedding:

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