“I am always excited to view the sneak peak or my gallery from Cat. She manages to capture stunning pictures of our family that I will enjoy for years to come. She is my go to photographer to document the times that matter the most to me.” 


In classic mythology, a Phoenix rises from the ashes to live again, a symbol of hope. In other definitions, a Phoenix is, "a person or thing regarded as uniquely remarkable in some respect." I can't think of a better name for this sweet rainbow baby. I have so much love for in-home sessions like this one. There is something so beautiful about the ebb and flow of photographing a family in their own space. It gives me the chance to catch those in-between moments - Mommy tickling Archer as she lifted him onto the bed, Dad holding a yawning Phoenix in between shots, Archer showing me his favorite toys while his baby sister takes a break to eat... Those little things that make up so much of our everyday lives, but can slip through our fingers so easily.

In-Home Newborn Session - Dubuque, IA



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