I photographed Greta, her parents, & her Grandparents for the first time when she was just 3 months old. Greta & her parents were visiting from their home in England. I again got to photograph Greta & her Grandparents when she made a solo trip here. When I heard the whole family was making a trip to the states and wanted another family session, I couldn’t wait! Greta was now "nearly 7" as she put it. We had a great time dancing, skipping, twirling, playing in the leaves, and talking all about the books she's reading. It's pretty cool talking to a 6 year old who is so much more well traveled than I am! It can't be understated what an honor it is to have a family choose me to photograph their memories for 6+ years. Especially with them living a whole ocean away, in a different country. "Nearly 7" years later, they have still chosen me to document their family. I'm so very grateful for that.

Mines of Spain - Dubuque, IA

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